Sending in Pictures

You have selected the custom piece you want - you have a favorite photo in mind, but before you click the "Add to Cart" button, you want to know just how we get that photograph from you onto the jewelry piece.

At Check Out - When you go to the secure check out page if you use your credit card or PayPal you first give the card info, shipping and billing address. The Tiger Cat Jewelry Store is operated by Digital Creative Ideas, LLC and CreativeIds or Tigercat is the name that will appear on your transaction. There is an optional phone number box that we request you fill in due to the customization of your order we would really like to be able to contact you with any questions that may arise. Your privacy is guaranteed. There is also a box for you to send comments to the designer. When you click the "Return to Merchant" button after payment you will see a thank you page with instructions and once your order has been confirmed an auto response email is sent to you from the Payment Center.

On the Thank You page is a form which asks you for information that will identify you with the digital photo that you send. When you click the submit button you will need to attach your picture to the email it gnerates.If you are using a device or computer that does not support an internal email program then you will need to email your photos to

Selection of Ship methods - US residents can chose USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) or First Class mail. If you select 1st class a fee for delivery confirmation has been added for tracking purposes. This is included with Priority mail.

About the Picture - If you are using a digital photo it needs to be either a close up or a higher resolution and not be blurred. A web address is provided. (If you are not sure your digital picture will work we will be happy to take a look at it prior to purchase. Send it with a request to the email address at the bottom of any page. )

If you are sending a paper photo it needs to be a genuine lab produced photo. A picture printed from an inkjet printer will not work. When the designer receives the information you filled out on the Thank You page you will receive an email with instructions to mail in your photo. I would advise you put a label on the back of the photo with your name and address or order number. Don't write on the picture itself as the indentation can come through to the front and show up when scanned.

The graphic designer will do small corrections like fixing red eye, or adding fur to cover up another object blocking complete view. The background will be taken out unless otherwise stated. Remember the final picture is miniaturized to less than 2 inches around. If you send black and white it is suggested for the silver colored settings. If a black and white is used for gold or bronze settings we can turn it into a sepia color (bronzish, like old fashioned photos).

: If the picture you send is under 200 dpi resolution or has been greatly altered from it's original form - good results cannot be guaranteed. Be aware not all photos that look good on a computer screen look good in print.

If you have a very old damaged photo that needs to be restored there will be an additional charge which will be discussed with you.

Returning the Picture - I am a pet owner and have been most of my life. I know how treasured an old photo can be of a pet from the past. Every photo that is sent will be treated as gold, and everything humanly possible will be done to send it back to you as it was received. However, we have no control over the U.S. postal service coming and going, and there is always that chance something might happen. There are a few precautions you can take with the way you send the photo such as registered or delivery confirmation where it can be traced. Or you can go to a local office supply store like Office Depot or Kinkos and have the picture scanned, then send the scanned version through email. I don't want to alarm you only warn you about a remote chance which cannot be guaranteed against.

The picture you send will be returned to you with your finished jewelry or pet gift.

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