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People Are Talking!
Virginia L. writes ...
"I love my beautiful Chloe pin and earrings. My friends noticed the pin right away. When I said that it was a picture of my cat, they loved the idea of animal jewelry. Thank you for a keepsake I will treasure for years." Wuerzburg, Germany

"My wife loved the brooch with her dog's picture that I gave her for Mother's Day. Thanks to your animal jewelry I made some husband points for myself. Thanks again."
Richard S.- Seattle , WA

"What a gorgeous Rose pin. I love it! I receive so many compliments when wearing it. I look forward to getting more of your unique jewelry. Thanks and keep your creative ideas flowing."
Phyllis R.- Lauderdale Lks, FL

"I was absolutely blown away with the Precious pendant. You did an excellent job on her and I think my aunt is going to have a new piece of 'favorite' jewelry."
Cathie M. - Salem, Or

"Friends..Helen is simply one of the finest people you'll ever do business with."
Perry A. - Fredonia, NY

We received the package today and the pendant is gorgeous ... Thank you so much for your work and your caring. We really appreciate it and I know my father will be very touched as well. It has truly been a pleasure working with you! 
Nikki D., W Lafayette, IN 

Each month Tiger Cat Jewelry Store sponsors an All About Pets section dealing with issues that arise when taking care of pets. Topics range from coping with the loss of a pet, to housebreaking a dog or litter training a cat. Occasionally there will be stories to warm your heart or make you laugh.
This Month's Featured Article

Why Strays Typically Make the Most Fantastic Pets!
By Karen Soukiasian

Anyone who has been adopted by a stray dog or cat will tell you, of all the pets they have had the joy of sharing time with, that stray that chose them will always have a special and warm place in their heart.

What is it about strays, and whom they select to spend the rest of their life with? They don't judge us on the neighborhood we live in, the size of our house, or the number of cars in the driveway. They don't care if it's a gated community, or a simple house on a busy street. They don't give a hoot about our bank account. They don't care if we are young or old. The fact we are a bit too "chubby" or a smidgen on the thin side doesn't matter to them. So what if we are bald or have false teeth! Protestant, Catholic, or Jew ...who cares? They don't.

For some mysterious reason, in their eyes YOU are perfect. Of all the homes on your street, or all the families they could endear his or herself to, or mooch a meal from; for some reason known only to them and perhaps a greater power, YOU have been chosen.

Is it an instinct? Do they have a supernatural sense to somehow make the wisest choice for their survival and contentment? What is so special about you? You may not see it, but obviously they do.

For a roof over their head, food in their belly, a hand to lick and a pack to belong to, the majority of strays that adopt a person or family express their gratitude with undying loyalty, devotion and unconditional love. You see it in their eyes, every single day you share together.

Bottom line: The next time you stumble on a stray, or they find you, think twice about ignoring it. Don't shoo them away, or call animal control. There may be an awfully good reason why at this particular time, they have move quietly into your life.

Karen A. Soukiasian, GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING - Owner/Trainer, St. Augustine, Florida - AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN and S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluator http://www.freewebs.com/gooddogsite

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Karen_Soukiasian


The Tiger Cat Jewelry store offers a variety of pet memorials. A wonderful memorial for children would be our custom made dog tags. Let me know if I can be of help during a time of grief. helen@tigercatjewelrystore.com
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