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cat jewelry menu
turman the aby
Thanks to John Morton for the photo of Truman the Aby, to ARrancid Amoeba for the Bengal, to Alex Goodey for Boo the Maine Coon, to photographer Living in Montgrovia for Mr. Maji the Persian, to Eric Seming for Shakespeare the Ragdoll and to Robert Couse-Baker for the lounging Siamese.
Cat photo jewelry pieces are favorite cats lovers gifts. BUT ... you won't find any cat jewelry like this elsewhere, I guarantee. Gemstones with actual miniature cat photos undergo a multi-step glazing process. Finished pendants, brooches, earrings or novelty pieces feature crystals, beads & gem stones. Read more about the process.

BUT WAIT ... it gets better. We'll custom make any piece you find here with YOUR CAT (or any cat picture you own) as a memorial or living tribute. Click here for custom cats jewelry.

TOP 10 favorite breeds according to the Cat Fancier's Association

1. Persian
2. Maine Cone Cat
3. Exotic
4. Siamese

5. Abyssinian
6. Oriental
7. Birman

8. American Shorthair
9. Tonkinese
10. Burmese

cat jewelry

Abyssinian - The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest-known breeds of domesticated cats and may have been introduced to the West in the mid-1800s. This loyal, intelligent cat resembles the cat statues and drawings in ancient Egyptian art. They have an exotic jungle look about them, are people cats and very inquisitive.
Click here to see our line of Abyssinian jewelry.

Bengal - The Bengal cat is a unique breed resulting from a cross between the endangered Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cat. Very intelligent and possibly the most gentle of all the cats. They are highly sociable, extremely curious, are excellent with children and adapt well to other animals. The Bengal cat is either spotted or has marbled coat patterns. Bengal markings can develop for up to a year, sometimes longer. Click here to see our collection of Bengal photo jewelry.
maine coon cat Maine Coon Cat - One of the oldest natural North American breeds. This breed is hardy having originated in the hostile weather conditions of New England. They are highly people-oriented but not overly-dependent. They like to "hang out" with you, but they don't constantly pester you for attention. Click here to see our line of Maine Coon Cat Jewelry


Persian - The Persian was a highly prized cat during ancient times and is the most popular cat breed today. This breed has a long elegant coat and large almond eyes. Persians have lovable, gentle and playful personality but tend to be most comfortable in a household that is quiet and serene. Click here to see our line of Persian Jewelry


Ragdolls - Ann Baker developed the Ragdoll in California in the 60's. The eyes are always blue. Their coat comes in 6 colors: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, and Cream, but will not become complete until they are two years old. They will not reach full size until four years. This breed loves human contact are good with dogs, children and the elderly. Click here to see our line of Ragdoll jewelry.


Siamese - Today's Siamese cat is long and slender with a long head and rather large ears. It has a short and close-lying coat with dark points restricted to the face, ears, tail, legs and feet. Siamese coats are colored in cream, lilac, caramel, cinnamon, fawn, and apricot. They are very vocal with a distinctive sounding voice. They don't crave your attention - They demand it! Click here to see our line of Siamese Jewelry

Cat Jewelry

Cat Facts

• Tylenol and chocolate are poisonous to cats.
• Cats can't taste sweets.
• The chlorine in fresh tap water irritates sensitive parts of the cat's nose. Let tap water sit for 24 hours before giving it to a cat
• Cats have over 100 vocal sounds, dogs only have about 10. To purr, cats use extra tissue in the larynx which vibrates.
• Cats sleep 16 - 18 hours per day. When cats sleep, they are still alert to incoming stimuli.
• Cats do not think they are little people. They think that we are big cats. This influences their behavior.
• Cats eat grass to aid digestion and get rid of fur in their stomachs.
• Cats scratch objects to remove worn outer nails coverings revealing sharper nails beneath. They also scratch to get exercise, stretch, & scent mark their territory.
• Cats cannot see directly under their nose. This is why cats cannot seem to find food on the floor.
• Cats cannot see in complete darkness but they can navigate by sound, smell, and sensitivity of their whiskers.
• Neutering extends a cat life span by 2 - 3 years. Female cats may have 3 - 7 kittens every 4 months. Neutering and spaying is so important.
• 10 human years equals about 60 cat years. A 1 year old cat is similar in age to an 18 year old human.
• Oldest age reliably documented of a house cat is a female tabby named "Ma" who lived 34 yrs!
• Oldest mother was "Kitty" in 1987, who gave birth to two kittens at age 30 and died at the age 32 after having a total of 218 kittens.
• Most documented kittens born, 420 to a tabby named "Dusty".
• Fattest cat a neutered male tabby named "Himmey", died of respiratory failure weighing 46 lbs 15.5 ounces! He had a 15 inch neck, was 38 inches long, with a 33 inch waist.

Order the world's most unique Cat Lovers Jewelry for yourself or as a gifts for another cat lover. Didn't see your favorite breed? Contact me and tell me what you'd like to see. helen@tigercatjewelrystore.com If you like cats you will enjoy our selection of wild ones. Click here for Tigers, Lions and other wild cats .

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