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Helen McClary

Photo Jewelry Designer Collection
featuring animal jewelry and pet memorial jewelry
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Designer, Helen Lee and Miss Mandy 1990-2009 Designer in a Nutshell My Honey - Adopted from the Humane Society 2009

I'm a crazy CAT lady! Yeah, like the one who probably lives down the street from you! I think of my cat as my baby and she runs the show around here. But Wait, it gets worse. I'm also a computer geek.

I started designing jewelry in South Florida in the late 80's and was fortunate enough to have my pieces in some of the elite boutiques on Worth Avenue (the Rodeo Drive of Palm Beach), and stores like Macy's.

When I discovered the computer in the 90's I became a graphic artist, desktop publisher and software designer, but never lost my love for jewelry design.

So what does an animal loving, jewelry designing, computer geek do? How about a line of animal jewelry and photo pet memorials (or tributes) for pet owners with graphis generated on a computer? I turn your cat, dog or horse picture into photo jewelry with a new and unique mixed media method I developed using the computer in combination with my hands and tools. Real photographs of animals are miniaturized and turned into transparencies and then incorporated into a variety of gemstones in various styles. ( A different method is used on some items such as dog tags). I use animal photos from photographers all over the world who are generous enough to allow me to use their beautiful work.

The background is removed from the picture in most Tiger Cat Jewelry pieces, the edges of the photo are feathered, softened and faded to merge and become one with the gemstone on which they are mounted. The domed, gemstone cabochon is treated with a special multi coating that seals in the photo transparency so that it becomes part of the stone. White areas of the original picture allow the stone's texture to show through. Other focal pieces which are puffed flat beads may include the background and usually have a leaded glass effect depending on the nature of the stone. The method I use differs from any other photo jewelry I've seen as the photo is part of the stone and comes in many gemstone types, shapes and settings. Many of the pieces allow a few of your special words to be added as text on the back.

Cabochon photo settings are combined with beads, crystals, metals, gemstones, pendant frames and earring findings to create custom made beaded jewelry and photo jewelry. Many styles have matching earrings to complement them. Buy alone or together to make a lovely unique photo gift set for your favorite animal gift lover.

Included in the Animal Lovers Jewelry line are favorite animals of the air, sea, jungle and plains. The top favorite cat and dog breeds, horses, butterflies, dolphins, turtles, jungle animals such as lions, tigers and elephants, all time favorites like the pandas and penguins, plus many more.

I love flowers and spiritual things and so I have included jewelry to feature these subjects. I believe I make one of the most beautiful "Serenity Prayer" pins.

In addition to the Animal Lovers designer collection jewelry I also custom design unique photo gift jewelry with your own pet's picture on it. A wonderful memorial honoring a pet that is no longer with us, but also a fun way to show off that precious little darling that hogs the bed and chews up or scratches your "stuff". The same pet photo can be used in a variety of custom personalized pet gift items too such as keyrings and cell phone landyards. There is no better gift for animal lover or pet owners on any holiday, or "just because", than a Tiger Cat customized jewelry unique photo gift or gem stone jewelry one of a kind brooch.

I am dedicated to your delight. I want you to have something that is as special to you when you hold it in your hands as it was to me when I held it in mine as I made it.

Thank you many times for your visits to my site, your suggestions and your orders. I wish you all blessings and prosperity.

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All About Pets
The 2003/2004 National Pet Owners Survey done by the APPMA found that pet ownership remains on the rise in the US. According to the APPMA numbers, there are now more pets than people in the US (377.8 millions pets; 290 million people).
Here is the breakdown of the US pet population:
* Cats - 77.7 million
* Dogs - 65 million
* Birds - 17.3 million
* Reptiles - 9 million
* Small animals -16.8 million
* Saltwater Fish - 7 million
* Freshwater Fish -185 million
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